Your products on Wish

Now your Wish account is successfully linked to Trimpo. Let’s see how you can add products to your Wish shop by using Trimpo.

First, you need to create Trading rules for your products on Wish.

Click Trading rules in the left menu and then add trading rule button in the top right corner.

Set the name of the trading rule, delivery interval, shipping cost and tags (if you have wide product range or sell products in different categories, add to tags names of products that you’ll be selling with this trading rule)

After creating the first trading rule, in Properties tab you can edit the template– it’s the text that will be published after each model’s description by default.

In Price management tab you can set extra charges and discounts for each of your trading rules.

Auto placing allows you to place models automatically. If you enable this feature, the new models that appear in your sources will be automatically placed to the marketplace into the selected category using the default rule settings.


Now, let’s see how you can add models to your Wish store from Trimpo

Go to Wish products on the left menu and click Add products to Wish button on the top.

In Step 1 will ask you to choose the product (or multiple products) you want to list. Click Step 2 when you have selected from the list of products you have already added to Trimpo. You will need to choose a trading rule for the product

And just like that, you have successfully added your product to Wish marketplace by using Trimpo.

You can change the trading rule, category or remove your model from Trimpo itself. Managing your items on Wish through Trimpo is easy!