Your models on VK

You can easily manage your models on VK with your Trimpo account .

Create suitable Trading rule for your store. You also need to choose a Template which will describe your shop and will be added at the end of listed products.


You can add the desired value in price management to adjust the price for your products. Now move on to add models to your VK account with Trimpo.


Click Vkontakte models, then add models to Vkontakte in 2 easy steps.

Step 1 Choose the desired model or all models from the list.

Step 2 Choose the Trading group and the Vkontakte category and click Add models to Vkontakte.


Selected models/products will appear on your VK account. Whether its changing the trade rule, or category of your item, you can manage everything right from Trimpo.

Now that you have set your VK group on Trimpo, it’s time to see that your all set on VK.

The product page should have the maximum information about the product, such as the quality, size, style, etc. The more information, the more likely the sale. 

You can see an example of a test product on VK group.


  • You can add up to five photos of your product from different angles, so customers are able to see your product from all sides.
  • Descriptions are very important, preferably in detail. Describe your products in various parameters such as material, weight, size, durability, etc.
  • Make sure your product page has links to payment methods and terms of delivery. If you fill out these fields while creating the group then they should appear automatically.
  • Contact Seller button will help a buyer to message the seller directly for any questions related to the products.
  • If you are out of stock of a listed product then you can remove it from the product list. Only administrators can view the removed product. You can easily add the product back to product listing when it becomes available.
  • Buyers can sort through your products according to their preference, such as price or the newest items first.
  • Vkontakte offers collections for similar types of products. If the assortment of products is large, then its better to combine the prodcuts into collections.
  • It will be easier for the customer to locate the particular product in the individual collection. For example, a ring with a diamond can be found in the Jewellery collection.
  • The main page of your community/group shows only 3 products for the viewers, therefore, create a separate collection like “On Sale” or “Promotions and Discounts” to attract customers to purchase more.
  • You can also advertise your VK group/community on Vkontakte to increase the traffic of customers in your group. Increased traffic means increase in sales.