Trimpo enables your store to trade on the social media platform VK.

All you need to do is open a new community on your VK account by following a few simple steps:
Login to your VK account. Then go to the Communities section on the left side menu on your VK account page. Click Create a new community and proceed to the community creation window. Or follow this link.

As community type – choose Business. Enter the Name of your store and the website, in Category section you’ll find subsection Products, Stores with a number of options – choose one that applies to you store. Click on Create community to move on to the next page.

You will be directed to fill in the Main Information form on the next page. Describe your community, and choose a relative cover image. Fill in some Additional information such as the website name, founding date, etc. Buyers or fans will know more about your store and its products. People trust and are more likely to buy from neatly described communities. Click save when you fill in all the information.


Click on Sections in the menu on the right, and put a check on the section Products.

Choose delivery regions, preferred currency and specify a contact person regarding any queries about the products.

Then check the Store description where you will be asked to fill in various payment methods and delivery options along with the store description.

Save changes and your store community page is ready.