Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms that lets you successfully manage your online business. With Trimpo app for Shopify stores, you can easily start selling on online marketplaces and grow your e-commerce business. Managing your products on different marketplaces via Trimpo is easy and efficient. You’ll be able to efficiently manage all orders from various marketplaces in one user account and increase your sales.

In order to install Trimpo on your Shopify store, click on Apps in the main menu on your Shopify dashboard. Then click on Visit the Shopify web store and search for Trimpo or click here and move on to install it.

Click on Add app, it will ask for your permission to access your products, orders, customers, and account data.

After you open the Trimpo app from Shopify, you will be redirected to your Trimpo profile on the website. Here, Trimpo will automatically create a Shopify store in your Trimpo profile, it will also import all products from your Shopify store to Trimpo.

In Trimpo, you can add your eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Wish or VK accounts to your Shopify store. It will be so much easier for you to manage all the products and orders from all marketplaces from Trimpo. You can add/edit/remove your products with a couple of clicks and process your orders from a single and simple user interface.


If I change the product in the Shopify store, what will happen in Trimpo?
Trimpo receives information about changes made from Shopify via a Webhook and will update your product information. In case Webhook did not reach Trimpo, then the system in Trimpo will update all of your products on a predefined schedule (once a day). You can also check the history of the updates in the source log of Shopify.
This means that Trimpo will always have current information about your products!
If I add a new product to my Shopify store, what will happen in Trimpo?
Trimpo system is subscribed to Shopify’s Webhook, so the new product will be created automatically in Trimpo as well.
If I delete the product in Shopify or the product is out of stock, what will happen in Trimpo?
Trimpo will automatically receive a message from Shopify, stating that the product is no longer available and will set the stock=0 for the particular product. Trimpo will set the stock=0 on all marketplaces where the particular product is listed.
How does Trimpo app work with orders?
All your orders (sold products) from all the marketplaces are automatically uploaded to Trimpo. Then, Trimpo will automatically create a new order in your Shopify store.

If the order changes on the marketplace, Trimpo will update this order accordingly and transfer the update to your store on Shopify.

If you set the tracking number for the order in Shopify, then Trimpo will receive the same information and set the particular tracking number on the marketplace, from which you received the order.