Once your Etsy shop is successfully linked to your Trimpo account let’s see how easily you can manage your orders!

Managing your orders via Trimpo will be fast and efficient.

You can see your orders on left menu under your Etsy shop name.Here you can see all the orders you received from Etsy. You can review each order one by one or you can find particular order/orders by using filter option.



Click filter on top and a new menu will pop up to show you different parameters you can filter orders from.




You can use Filter your orders option for the following purposes:

  • Find the particular order with Order ID or Listing ID.
  • Find the orders created during specific period of time.
  • Search with product name if you want to review orders of a certain product.
  • Check order status by filtering only completed/pending/active orders.
  • Filter with total for listing under/over certain price.
  • Search for products purchased by certain buyers.