Your models on eBay

Now your eBay marketplace account is successfully linked to Trimpo. Let’s see how you can add models to your eBay account by using Trimpo.


First things first, you need to create Trading rules for your models on eBay.

Click Trading rules in the left menu and then add trading rule button on top right corner. 

Now you are on the Create trading rule page. You need to create a new trading rule for your models. This rule will consist of shipping, payment, and refund rules.

You can create multiple trading rules for your models on eBay. Fill in the mandatory fields and click add.


The first step is to create a Template which is your store description and will be added next to your items listed by using this trading rule.


Click Returns and edit trading rule for return policies, like whether returns are accepted or not. If your store accepts returns then you need to fill in further information about this rule.



You need to specify your delivery options under shipping, whether you exclusively deliver local, or local and international. Fill in the shipping carriers and cost. Click save.


Lastly, the trading rule requires you to choose your payment methods. You can choose from PayPal, credit/debit cards, etc. in your payment method and click save.


Adjust price management as per your selling requirement and click save.Your trading rule has been created successfully.


Now, let’s see how you can add models to your eBay marketplace from Trimpo.


Go to eBay models on the left menu and click Add models to eBay button on the top. 

Step 1 will ask you to choose the desired model you want to list. Click step 2 when you have selected the model. 


Step 2 will ask you to choose a suitable trading rule from the list for your model. Then choose eBay category. It’s important to list your model in the respective category on eBay, because it will be easier for buyers to locate your product.

Click Add models to eBay when you finish.


You have successfully added your model to eBay marketplace by using Trimpo.

You can change the trading rule, category or remove your model from Trimpo itself. Managing your items on eBay through Trimpo is easy!


If something goes wrong, and you see something like this…

Your model is not uploaded to eBay because you did not specify a Payment method while setting up your seller account. You can easily fix this error by setting up your payment method and automatic payment method. Here is our guide to set that up.