Running a sales company without effective reporting is like walking with your eyes closed: you won’t get where you want to go. Therefore, effective sales reporting is essential for every business. You can use sales reports to see information about your customer’s orders.

On Trimpo you can analyze statistics with Trimpo reports effectively to produce the desired result.

Log in to your Trimpo account and move to Reports section in the menu.

Here you can see eBay orders map report for all of your orders.

You can move on the map and check a number of orders from a specific country or continent. With these statistics, you can work on serving your customers better. If your sales are lower in a particular country, you can find out the reason and work on it to increase the number of your sales. Furthermore, you can check countries with more number of orders and get positive feedback from the customers.


eBay fee

On eBay, you have to pay a fee to list your item on the website. If the item sells, you pay an additional fee called Final Value Fee. The total cost of selling an item on eBay is a sum of these two fees. This eBay selling fee depends on the categories and countries.

With Trimpo you can check your eBay fee under Reports.


 You can keep a tab on your eBay fee by using Trimpo. You can see all the deductions made by eBay for listing and selling your items.

You can check fee type, the name of product and deduction amount on the same page with transaction date. If you are doubtful about one particular eBay fee then you can use the filter and find the product you were looking for.