How to link eBay to Trimpo

After creating your eBay seller account, you need to link your eBay account to Trimpo so you can manage your eBay account straight from Trimpo

Login to your Trimpo account.
Click Link marketplace on Marketplace management page, and select eBay marketplace to start the linking process.



Click I already have an eBay account to proceed. If you don’t have an eBay account yet, click I don’t have an eBay account.


You need to login to your eBay account in a new window. Once logged onto your eBay account, eBay will ask you to grant the application access to Trimpo.

Click agree and your eBay seller account is successfully linked to Trimpo.

If something goes wrong – don’t worry. Contact our support team, we have solutions for everything.

For example, if you see an error message like this, it is related to an eBay payment method error. You need to set auto payment method to PayPal in your eBay account. You can see the solution here.