Orders & CRM

Once your eBay account is successfully connected with your Trimpo account, let’s see how easily you can manage your orders! 

Managing your orders via Trimpo will be fast and efficient.


Login to your Trimpo account first.
You can see your orders on left menu under your eBay store name.Here you can see all the orders you received from eBay. You can review each order one by one or you can find particular order/orders by using filter option.


Click filter on top and a new menu will pop up to show you different parameters you can filter orders from. 


You can use Filter your orders option for the following purposes:

  • Find the particular order with Order ID.
  • Find the orders created during specific period of time.
  • Search with product name if you want to review orders of a certain product.
  • Check order status by filtering only completed/pending/active orders.
  • Filter with paid status to check if it’s complete or pending.

You can also filter according to the currency of your orders from various countries.

Tracking numbers helps you as seller and buyers to check the status of package anytime. Thus, it is important to add tracking numbers to your orders.

If you use shipping labels by eBay then your tracking number will be added automatically but if you don’t use this service, then you can easily add the tracking number to your order on My eBay:



  • Go to the sold section and select the item you want to add the tracking number for.
  • Click Add tracking number and enter the tracking number.
  • Fill in carrier information and click submit.

Your tracking number should appear below the item title on the Order details page.


Feedback is very important for both sellers and buyers. Positive feedback can boost sales for the seller and negative feedback can slow down sales. A seller must encourage buyers to leave feedback. We will see how you can review your feedback on eBay.

Log in to your eBay account and go to My eBay.


Click My Account, then on the left side menu under My Account click on Feedback.
Here you can review your items awaiting feedback and recent feedback left for you.
You can also request feedback revisions if you feel given feedback is not suitable.

Sometimes things go wrong, and you might see an issue like this: 

As you can see, the order status is completed and the order has been paid but its still showing as an unprocessed order.
There may be various reason behind an unprocessed order such as: stock runs out or the buyer cancelled the order after successfully placing it.



For a seller, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is very important. You can manage and analyze customer interactions with the goal of improving your relationships with customers. This is essential for increasing sales.

You can easily manage your CRM by using Trimpo.

You will find the CRM menu under your eBay store in Trimpo.

CRM in Trimpo will help you interact with your customers in case of any disputes/returns or cancellations. You don’t have to go to eBay to check messages and reply to customers. You can reply and take action straight from Trimpo.
With this CRM you can:


  • Check and reply to messages from your customers.
  • See if there are any open cases for your eBay orders.
  • Check the status of cancellations of your orders and issues.
  • Check the returns made by customers and if the refund was paid successfully.

Trimpo helps you to manage your orders efficiently and assists you in building higher quality customer relations for the betterment of your business.