Your models on Amazon

Now that your Amazon marketplace account is successfully linked to Trimpo, let’s see how you can add / manage models in your Amazon marketplace account via Trimpo.


Login to your Trimpo account to see the status of your Amazon seller account. The most important thing about adding models is to set up Trading rules. Click add trading rule in the top right corner.



Choose a name for your trading rule and select the Amazon site location where you intend to sell your products. Click Add to proceed to the next page.



Now you will be asked to fill in the properties for your trading rule.

Choose a Template which will describe your store, this description will be added to all your items on Amazon using this particular Trading rule.

Click Save.



The second part of your trading rule is to edit the price management. Here you can add the rules to adjust the price for your models with percentage or currency.

Click save and you have successfully created the new Trading rule for your Amazon Store on Trimpo.



Now let’s see how you can add models to your Amazon store from Trimpo.


Go to Amazon models on the left menu and click the Add models to Amazon button on the top.



You can add models to your Amazon store in 2 steps.


Step 1 will ask you to choose the model you want to add. Check the box against the model you want to add and click Step 2.




Step 2 will ask you to choose a Trading rule. Your model will be added according to the chosen trading rule on Amazon. Choose the desired trading rule and click Add models to Amazon.



You have successfully added your model to Amazon through Trimpo.

You can change your trading rule for different models/items, categories, or remove your model from Amazon by using Trimpo. Managing your products on Amazon with Trimpo is easy and fast!