After you’ve set up your Amazon seller account, and added your models through Trimpo, it’s time to see how you can manage your Amazon orders right here from Trimpo.

Managing your orders via Trimpo will be fast and easy.


Login to your Trimpo account.You can see your orders on the left menu under your Amazon store name. 

Here you can review all the orders you received from your Amazon store.



You can assess each order one by one or you can find a particular order/orders by using the filter option.

Click filter on the top and a new menu will pop up to show you the different parameters you can filter orders from.



You can use the Filter your orders option for the following:

  • Finding the particular order with the Order ID.
  • Finding the orders created during a specific time.
  • Searching with the product name if you want to review the orders of one product.
  • Checking the order status by filtering only completed/pending/active orders.
  • Filtering with the Total amount with a price range you can choose.
  • Filter according to the currency of your orders from various countries.


The tracking number helps you as a seller, and it helps buyers to check the status of a package at any time. Thus, it is important to add a tracking number to all of your orders.

If you are shipping a product using your own courier service, you will have to acquire the tracking number from them.
With the Easy Ship option, you will be provided a tracking number by Amazon once your item is picked up by their transport team.

In most cases, you can find the tracking number in the email that Amazon sends you, stating that your item has been shipped to the customer.


Your tracking number is below the product name on the Inventory details page.



Feedback is very important for sellers as well as buyers. Positive feedback can boost sales for the seller and negative feedback can slow down sales. A seller must encourage buyers to leave feedback. Here is how you can review your feedback: 


Log in to your Amazon seller central and go to Performance and click Feedback.

You can use the Feedback Manager to track buyer satisfaction with your service.
Here you can review your items awaiting feedback and recent feedback left for you.
You can also request feedback revision if you feel given feedback is not deserved.




Trimpo helps you manage your orders efficiently and assists you in building better customer relations for the growth of your business.