How to link Amazon to Trimpo

When your Amazon seller account is ready for use, you might wonder how you can manage it with Trimpo. Well, it is easier than creating Amazon seller account. Just follow a few simple steps to link your Amazon account to Trimpo.


Login to your Trimpo account.

Choose Amazon from the available marketplaces on the list and click Connect.



On next page, click I already have Amazon account to proceed to the link process.
(If you don’t have an Amazon seller account yet, click I have no Amazon account and read this guide to create one)



You will be directed to a new page in Trimpo, where you need to Add your Amazon Profile in 3 easy steps.



The 1st step is for new users who still do not have an Amazon seller account yet. There is a direct link which will take you to the Create New Account page.

The 2nd step will ask you to open your Amazon seller account to give authorization to Trimpo. You need to give developer’s access to your Amazon seller account and put a code below for the developer account number field.

The 3rd step is to fill out the mandatory data, like setting up a Name for the account in Trimpo, Seller ID, Amazon marketplace ID and MWS authorization token.

Click submit when finished.


You have successfully linked your Amazon account to Trimpo.


If your Amazon seller account had errors regarding the seller id or receiving token, then Trimpo will show you the error in the corresponding field. You can easily fix it by logging into your Amazon seller account.