What is Trimpo?

Expand your customer base in 5 minutes

Trimpo helps merchants automatically customize their products for all marketplaces.


Register on Trimpo
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Add products to Trimpo using Excel, XML or manually

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Increase your customer base by several times

Automatic daily updates
Set up your account and get automatic daily updates on all marketplaces.
Insightful analytics
With Trimpo you can monitor your sales stats and adjust the strategical steps of your business’s development. This feature is easy-to-use, you won’t have to set up anything manually, all analytical systems are fully automated.
Increase in sales
You’ll expand your customer base several-fold by listing your products on marketplaces.
And more customers means more sales made.
Review orders from a specific county
Monitor performance in different countries
and optimize your sales
Payments for the services
You can monitor all marketplaces’ fees
and commissions
1-click integration with InSales, Ecwid, Shopify
Easy integration
Simply download Trimpo’s app in your CMS’s (InSales, Ecwid or Shopify) app store for 1-click integration.
Automatic CMS data update
When you edit product information in Trimpo – all updates are made in your InSales, Shopify or Ecwid store, as well as on all marketplaces you use.
For example, if our client has their store on InSales, Shopify or Ecwid CMS and lists products on eBay, Amazon, Wish, Etsy, and VK with Trimpo, when they change the availability of a product or delete it from their store – all changed are automatically made on marketplaces.