New Trimpo features for 06.2018

New Trimpo features – integration with Etsy, updated home page.

Announcement – Yandex.Market no longer supports “buy now” function.

Integration with Etsy

Integration with Etsy marketplace is now open for all users. Please visit documentation page for detailed information on registering a seller account, linking it with Trimpo, managing product data and orders.

Updated home page.

We have updated our home page – view now. You can see all your marketplaces in tabs above – with links to adding models and editing your trading rules.

Yandex.Market announcement

Yandex.Market announced that they’re no longer functioning as a marketplace – option of buying products right on their site is no longer supported.
In order for you to list your products, where they can be viewed by Yandex.Market customers – you can create an export file with your product data in YML format in your Trimpo account and upload the link to it on Yandex.Market