Trading rules in Trimpo

Trading rule and its usage

What is a trading rule?

How to add a template to your trading rule?

What is Price & Stock?

What is Auto Placing?

eBay Trading Rule

Amazon Trading Rule

What is a Trading Rule?

A trading rule as the name suggests is a set of rules to place your models on the marketplace (eBay, Amazon, Yandex.Market, and VK) from Trimpo. When you are listing your models to a marketplace, you need to specify a rule according to which your models will be placed in the marketplace. It is mandatory to have one Trading rule in your Trimpo account. You can also have more than one trading rule depending on your requirements (for example: If you have global as well as local customers then you can set one trading rule for international customers and one trading rule for local customers.) Once you configure trading rule successfully, you can proceed to add models to the desired marketplace from Trimpo using the default trading rule. You will not be able to add models to the marketplace from Trimpo if your Trading rule has errors.


In Trimpo, features of trading rule vary with different marketplaces, like eBay has a different set of trading rules than Amazon. But, there are few features which remain same for all the marketplaces. We will look at those common features.

How to add a template to your trading rule?

Template: Properties is the first feature of the Trading rule of all marketplaces where you need to choose a name for your trading rule and you have to set the Template. A template is nothing but the HTML code to be added at the end of item description which will be listed using this rule.

What is Price & Stock?

Price and Stock: Price management can help you define that extra charge or discount on the price of the model. Toggle between + and – to switch between extra charge and discount. You can also choose the unit as currency or percentage for better price management.
Stock management will help you to define your stock limitations. You can set the maximum limit for your model stock and this will make sure stock of the models uploaded to the marketplace will remain under the set value. You will not have to worry about running out of stock on the marketplaces.

What is Auto Placing?

Auto placing: If you have been adding models to marketplaces manually then Auto placing will surely ease your workload. You can place your models on the marketplaces automatically once you enable this feature in the trading rule. Choose a corresponding category for your models and you are all set for auto placing. All the new models in your source will be automatically placed on the marketplace into chosen category. You can always disable auto placing if you do not wish to use this feature and continue adding models manually.


eBay Trading rule

eBay Trading rule is a bit different from other marketplaces. Apart from common features, eBay trading rules require you to define certain features in order to configure trading rule successfully.


  • Provide your Stock Country and address in the properties along with a suitable name for your Trading rule.
  • Choose a Dispatch time from the drop-down list.
  • Choose your eBay website for model listing (e.g.- choose the US if you want to list your models on


  • You need to set your return policies in this section of the trading rule.
  • Choose if your store accepts returns or not.
  • Define cancellation period from the date of purchase.
  • State if buyer or seller will pay for return shipment.
  • The last field to fill in this section is a form of reimbursement. (if you are offering money back or replacement/exchange)


  • Shipping properties are divided into two parts: local and international.
  • Choose a suitable courier service from the available list of services.
  • Select economical but slow or expensive but faster courier service depending on the nature of your store and customers.
  • You have to choose different courier services for your local and international shipping.
  • You can also choose to exclude countries and regions in the world where you do not wish to ship.


  • PayPal is recommended and mandatory payment option for
  • You can add another payment option to your store like cash on pickup, money order, personal check etc.
  • Check the box for immediate payment if you prefer this option.


Amazon Trading rule

Amazon Trading rule is simpler and less complex than other marketplaces. We will see how you can configure Amazon trading rule successfully.


  • Choose a suitable name for your trading rule.
  • Select Amazon website for your online store.(choose {US} if you intend to list your products on the corresponding site)
  • Determine a Template to specify brand, material, country of manufacture etc.

Price & Stock:

  • Price management will make sure to adjust the price for the models. You can switch between + for the extra charge on the price and for any discount you offering on models. Currency and percentage are the units available for you to use.
  • Stock management will help you to define your stock limits. Set the maximum limit value for your model stock and the stock of the models uploaded on the Amazon will not exceed the value you set. It will save you from running out of stock embarrassment.

Auto Placing:

  • Enable auto placing if you wish to list your models on Amazon from Trimpo automatically. Adding models manually is thing of the past now. You can enjoy good dinner or family time while Trimpo will list your models on Amazon automatically.