New Trimpo features for 04.2018

New Trimpo features – CRM system and editing trading rules for eBay

CRM system for Trimpo Users – we launched our own CRM system, 2 main tasks it will be performing:

  • informing you about status of your accounts on marketplaces
  • letting you know about new features and changes in Trimpo’s system
You can, of course, manage your subscriptions. You’ll need to sign in and then go to your profile.

Editing trading rules for eBay
 We made improvements to eBay trading rules; upon your requests, we added the following features –
Additional features in payment properties:
  1. Best Offer – this lets buyers offer the price they are willing to pay on ‘Buy It Now’ items.
  2. Additional checkout instructions –  this information buyers see on product’s page in section ‘Seller’s payment instructions’
  3. Immediate payment only for PayPal
Additional feature in shipping properties:
  1. Calculated shipping for Ebay – can only be added upon request, this feature is currently in beta. Send your request to our support team