New Trimpo features – Login History, Order Changelog and Delete Marketplace Profiles


Login History

Now you can see your Login history if you think there’s been any suspicious activity in your Trimpo account. We have implemented this feature to make your account even more secure and safe. Login history stores information about individual user logins, including date and times that your Trimpo account was used. You can also see the IP addresses and OS, the browser which was used to access your account. Review your login history if you think someone has accessed your account without your knowledge.

How to see your Login History

  1. Login to your Trimpo account.
  2. Click on your username in the top right corner and select profile from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Show Login History.


Order Changelog

We have added Order changelog for you to keep track of any changes made to your order. Order changelog consists of events and their timestamps. For example, when the order changes from completed to pending or when you change the shipping time/service. All the information is stored in changelog now with time and date. You can review your order changelog to whenever you need precise information about your order details.

How to see Orders Changelog

  1. Login to your Trimpo account.
  2. Select the desired marketplace and click Orders. Now you will be able to see all the orders you have received.
  3. Click any order in the list and you can see the changelog at bottom of order page under common properties


Delete Marketplace Profiles

There is a new option available for you to delete marketplace profile (eBay, Amazon, Yandex.Market, and VK) from your Trimpo account. Just make sure the marketplace profile you are deleting does not have any models through Trimpo. Deleting a profile is not possible if there are models available in it. Deleting a marketplace profile is irreversible action so think twice.

How to delete Marketplace profile

  1. Login to your Trimpo account.
  2. Check if the profile you are deleting has models in it or not. If there are models available, delete them.
  3. Select Merchant data from the sidebar at the left side of the page.
  4. This page shows you all the marketplaces linked to your Trimpo account. Click delete next to your profile.
  5. Your marketplace profile will be successfully deleted from Trimpo.