New Trimpo features for 04.2018

New Trimpo features – CRM system and editing trading rules for eBay CRM system for Trimpo Users – we launched our own CRM system, 2 main tasks it will be performing: informing you about status of your accounts on marketplaces letting you know about new features and changes in Trimpo’s system You can, of course, […]

New Trimpo features – Login History, Order Changelog and Delete Marketplace Profiles

  Login History Now you can see your Login history if you think there’s been any suspicious activity in your Trimpo account. We have implemented this feature to make your account even more secure and safe. Login history stores information about individual user logins, including date and times that your Trimpo account was used. You […]

Trading rules in Trimpo

Trading rule and its usage What is a trading rule? How to add a template to your trading rule? What is Price & Stock? What is Auto Placing? eBay Trading Rule Amazon Trading Rule What is a Trading Rule? A trading rule as the name suggests is a set of rules to place your models […]