Why you should start using Trimpo

Trimpo is an integration service to kick-start sales across global marketplaces. Our platform for merchants provides users with one-stop solution for selling on multiple sales channels and managing received orders, communications with customers and all other aspects of sales in their account at Trimpo.

We hear a lot of talk about omnipresence and multichannel selling and how selling on only one platform (be it merchant’s own website or a shop on one of the marketplaces) just isn’t enough. Multichannel approach can sound daunting, but with Trimpo selling on multiple channels is easy. We’ll help you save time and money, provide you with needed tools and answer any questions you might have (truth be told, we’re not all-knowing, but if we don’t have the answer to your query – we’re ready to go above and beyond to help you).

   At present Trimpo has integrations with the most popular marketplaces: eBay, Amazon and Etsy. So many people shop on them (and they are all you potential customers, just think about the opportunities!) We also have integrations with social media website VK.com and crypto shopping site fatcats.market. Integration with Wish.com will become available in Q4, and there will be more to come! We are ambitious, and want our users to be that way too.

Here is a quick look of how eBay menu looks in Trimpo’s account


   As well as helping you boost your sales via selling on marketplaces, we help you list your products on comparison-shopping engines. CSE is a type of search engine which assesses the prices of similar products and suggests related links to users. Among the most popular ones are Google.Shopping, Pricegrabber and NexTag. CSEs work either on pay-per-click or pay-per-action pricing models. Trimpo provides you with a tool to create product feed that is published on CSE, showing your products to millions of users who are directed to your website, if they wish to make a purchase. Product feed is updated on the schedule you set in your account. It is an easy way to increase sales, and another argument in favour of CSEs – users make a purchase on your website, which makes them your customers, instead of marketplace’s, and gives you more marketing opportunities. So if you have a handy way to extend your reach and sell more, why not use it?

   And now to those promises of helping our users save time, money and effort – your personal account at Trimpo is your control center, where you can manage your sales on multiple channels. You can add all your products via XML, YML, Excel format document or manually. Once your products are added and marketplaces’ accounts linked to Trimpo – you can start selling. Our system is automated and interconnected, so if availability of a product changed on one of the marketplaces or in merchant’s own store – changes are made on other platforms. All info on orders you receive and sales you make are in your account, and can be managed from Trimpo. Your shipping, refund and pricing policies can also be edited in Trimpo – system has info on options and rules of the marketplaces we’re integrated with. And we also provide you with your sales reports and analytics. Our analysis systems are fully automated, so you can get the reports you need, whenever you need them.

   We strive to make our platform perfect for all users, regardless of the size of their company, amount of sales and available products. You can easily connect your own online store with Trimpo, no matter what content-management systems (if any) you use. One-click integrations with Ecwid and InSales are already available, and there will be more to come. And if you don’t have your own store and only wish to sell your products on marketplaces and CSE’s – you can easily do so with Trimpo.

In conclusion, we present to you a solution to start selling on multiple channels and manage all your sales in one place. Increase your sales, while being prudent with your time, effort and money. See how it works for yourself.