Trimpo’s merchants: Souvenirs.Msk

One of our merchant’s stories,, started long before the idea of e-commerce could even be conceived. The co-operative craft society “Progress” was organized in Kirov in 1937; workmen made sports equipment and toys from wood. The factory for the mass production of wooden toys made on lathes opened in 1960. Presently Souvenirs.Msk is one of the leading manufacturers of wooden souvenirs, they are tirelessly working on improving the quality and even have their own art laboratory, where they develop new products and new technologies of painting.

Their main product on marketplaces is nesting dolls, or matryoshkas. It’s one of the most traditional Russian souvenirs, and probably one of the first things that come to mind when thinking about Russian folk art. Nesting dolls make a lovely gift as well as being an interesting interior piece.

Souvenirs, being a niche product, while always in steady demand, thanks to tourists, can really benefit from online sales; as it happened with Souvenirs.Msk. And with the safety of transactions, offered by world-renowned marketplaces, along with customer-support and orders’ management tools available in merchant’s account on Trimpo, it was a worthwhile undertaking and brought a new stream of customers. Matryoshkas are quite popular overseas – with half of the orders made from USA and Canada.

Using Trimpo’s platform Souvenirs.Msk lists their products on Amazon, eBay, Yandex.Market and VK. The procedure is quite easy, after registration on Trimpo, the first step is logging into merchant’s accounts on marketplaces in order to link them to Trimpo. Then the trading rules need to be set up, that means putting in conditions of sales – such as delivery terms, payments, and refunds rules. After setting those up, the merchant needs to download products’ listing (in XLS or XML format or manually adding information right on the platform) – and they are good to go (or sell in this case)!



Matryoshkas found a ready market online, and Souvenirs.Msk makes a lot of international sales, mostly on eBay and Amazon.

The company is looking forward to new opportunities, and as Trimpo will be integrating with Etsy, one of the biggest marketplaces, with a focus on vintage and handmade products, Souvenirs.Msk will sure get a lot of new customers soon.