Trimpo and FatCats.Market partnership

Our team is delighted to announce new partnership – with FatCats.Market!

Partnership between Trimpo and FatCats.Market will enable Trimpo users to automatically list and sell their products on FatCats.Market, and FatCats.Market users, in turn, will be able to easily start selling on all marketplaces already integrated with Trimpo.

How to start selling on FatCats.Market via Trimpo:
1. Create shop in Trimpo system
2. Upload or create your product info (read here about adding products to Trimpo account)
3. In Export tab set type YML for product export so the encrypted link to the export file is created (read more about YML format here)
4. Create a seller account at FatCats.Market and put in the link to the export file
5. Trimpo will provide update to your product info, so file is up-to-date and FatCats.Market will automatically update listed products according to the export file



What is FatCats.Market?

FatCats.Market is a global cryptoshopping site, where users can buy and sell products and services with cryptocurrencies, without any commissions. Learn more about the platform on their website.

What merchants get out of selling at FatCats.Market?

There is a high demand from users on marketplaces allowing payments in crypto, yet the number of such sites is quite low currently. FatCats.Market is up-and-coming and very user-friendly cryptoshopping site. Sellers can receive payments both in fiat and in crypto. Additional sales channel (especially one so rapidly growing as FatCats.Market) is a certain way to bring in new customers and boost sales. With Trimpo adding new sales channel doesn’t require a lot of time and effort – Trimpo will take care of keeping merchant’s product info updated. And the cherry on top – listing is free on FatCats.Market and there is no commission on sales made on the platform.

How does Trimpo help with the integration with FatCats.Market?

Trimpo will enable the creation of export file with catalogue containing info on products, that merchants want to sell on FatCats.Market; Trimpo will provide update of the file – so all the listings are up-to-date and contain current info on products, prices and stock availability.