How to start selling on eBay India

eBay is multinational e-commerce corporation that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through its website. Today, eBay operates in about 30 countries worldwide. eBay India is specially designed to cater the needs of buyers and sellers from India. We will focus on selling on selling your products on eBay India. Whether you’re starting a new e-commerce business or just want to make some extra cash, selling on eBay India is fun and easy.

Set up a Seller account

To start selling on eBay India, you need to set up your seller account first. It is an easy process.

Go to and register yourself by filling your basic information.


After successfully creating your account on eBay India, now you need to register for PaisaPay.

PaisaPay: PaisaPay is the safest and most convenient means to accept payments on eBay India. After you register for PaisaPay, payments for your sale on eBay will be remitted to the bank account linked to your PaisaPay.

Go to eBay India homepage and click My PaisaPay option which is right beside My eBay.

Here you will find your PaisPay summary page. Click Register now to create your PaisaPay account.

You will see how PaisaPay works with eBay. Click Get started now.

Step 1: Enter your business information here. Select Business type like if you going to operate your business as a sole proprietor or as a company. Enter your PAN details and GSTIN details (mandatory Goods and services Tax Identification number)


Step 2: Enter your bank information here. Enter details exactly as they appear on your Check/Passbooks and click Next

Step 3: Review and confirm if the information you entered is correct, and click Register account and continue.

If all the information is correct, you will see the registration confirmation screen. Please ensure that the registration details are accurate to avoid any hassles in receiving your PaisaPay remittances. You may be asked to submit KYC (Know Your Customer) document as well, to confirm and verify your registration.

Create your listing

When you’re ready to sell an item, eBay India will help you quickly create your listing with recommendations based on research of similar listings. Their recommendations are designed to help you sell your items faster and at better prices.

Start by describing your item in clear, simple terms. From there, eBay India will help you identify the most relevant category for your item. This helps potential buyers find your item quickly.


Fill all the details about the product you are selling on eBay India.

  • You can choose to put Subtitle under your product with some additional fees.
  • eBay will automatically choose the category of your product or you can manually choose the desired category for your product.
  • If you sell multiple variations of your item (size or color), you can list all of them in one multi-quantity, fixed-price listing. This saves you time and money.
  • Add photos of your product and its variations.
  • Fill in all item specifications and description.
  • Enter selling details like Duration of listing, Price, Stock, Payment options.
  • Choose good shipping service to ship your products.

You can preview listing and when satisfied click List item.

As you can see, your item has been listed successfully on eBay India.

Adding your products on eBay India is easy but Trimpo will make the whole process of adding and managing your products on eBay India easier. Let’s see what Trimpo can do for your eBay India store.


  • With Trimpo, you can create and manage your own online store through the world’s biggest online marketplaces like eBay India.
  • All you need to do is Sign Up to Trimpo which takes a couple of minutes and select eBay marketplace from available marketplaces.
  • You will be asked to link your eBay India account to Trimpo. Trimpo will automatically import your existing products to Trimpo. You can add models manually too. Also, you can add your products to Trimpo via Excel, XML or YML file formats.
  • You can create a Trading Rule in Trimpo which will help you to add models to eBay India with the specific set of rules like payment policy, return policy, shipping policy, etc.
  • You can Add models to your eBay India store right from Trimpo application. Adding models from Trimpo is very easy and if something goes wrong during model creation, Trimpo will show you the corresponding error so you can fix it.
  • With few clicks, your product will be placed in your eBay India store from Trimpo. It’s that easy.
  • You can Process your orders through Trimpo itself. If you get an order on eBay India, no need to go to eBay India to fulfill the order. From Trimpo you can view and process all the orders with few clicks.
  • CRM in Trimpo will help you to communicate with buyers regarding issues/feedbacks/returns.
  • You can view sales Reports in Trimpo. Sales Reports will help you analyze your orders and plan your business.

Best selling products on eBay India

India’s e-commerce market is growing exponentially in recent times. We can buy literally anything virtually online through e-commerce retailing. As we all know, eBay is one of the oldest e-commerce company in the world and has a huge customer base. eBay has niche products and technology related products that are best sold. Let’s discuss some of the best-selling products on eBay India.

  • Apparels is undoubtedly the largest segment of all product sold on eBay India. Be it festivals throughout the year or birthdays or weddings, buyers always go for new and trendy clothes. Online apparel sales are growing faster than any other category.


  • Mobile phones are also very popular items for sale on eBay India. It is very easy for buyers to compare among models of various companies before buying a handset of choice. You can even sell refurbished mobile phones on eBay India.


  • Consumer electronics like laptops, digital cameras, tablets, televisions are doing well in selling department. Buyer can compare deals from different sellers and get discounts or free accessories along with the product.


  • Footwear is perhaps one of best selling item on eBay India because of its varieties. Buyer gets to choose from wide range of shoes, slippers, sandals, and snickers for both men and women among leading brands from across the globe.


  • Jewellery sales are higher too because on eBay India marketplace you get to see different collections from all the jewelers at one place with competitive prices.


  • Home and kitchen furnishing are booming in sales because of recent innovations in the industry. Everyone likes to decorate their house with beautiful pieces of furniture and whats best place other than eBay India where you can view latest and innovative designs.


  • Handmade crafts and goods are high in demand in India and around the world. Selling of custom made items on eBay India can be very beneficial for you. Buyers from all around the country and world would like to buy something unique and handcrafted products.


So, these are bestselling products on eBay India but there are a lot more products to offer to your buyers like baby care products, beauty products, fashion accessories, books, computer accessories and so on. Always keep your eyes open to see what is trending on eBay marketplace and sell accordingly. You will become a successful entrepreneur in no time.