How to get started on eBay: 5 tips to successfully grow your business on eBay

You know eBay. You’ve probably shopped there yourself. Maybe you’re already selling on eBay, or only considering? Whatever the case is, eBay most certainly doesn’t need an introduction:) But here are some facts for you: over 1 billion listings and 82% of them are for new products, and over 175 million active shoppers. eBay sellers list the following benefits of selling there: listing ownership, quality of product details and eBay’s customer service.

We’ve compiled a few selling tips to help you:

  • Detailed descriptions

Don’t limit your description to a product name and a couple of lines. That’s like stealing from yourself. Use the area of description to really sell your product by adding as much information as possible. Also, think of any questions that a buyer might have about your item and answer all of those questions in your description.

  • Eye-catching titles and the right keywords

Think of eBay as a giant search engine. That means you need to add titles that include the words that people are searching. Not only do you want to add eye-catching and bold titles, but you also want those titles to have the right words to catch the views you need. Watch different categories and similar items that are selling well to follow popular patterns. Read more about titles and keywords → How to write perfect listing titles for eBay.

  • Great pictures

Images are one of the best things you can do to incentivize someone to buy your product. Taking nice clear photos that aren’t blurry and have good lighting is essential. Stage the items in a way that makes them look more appealing.

  • Encourage feedback

Encourage feedback from your buyers. eBay is built on reputation and having buyers record positive reviews will go a long way to establishing your eBay account as trustworthy. Read more about customer reviews → Customer reviews and how to get them.

  • Use social media

Advertise on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Set up a Facebook page for your business, invite both clients and friends to like it, you can post something fun about your business and display information about your new items. Do the same thing for Twitter, send tweets about your products and fun facts and ask people to join the conversation. On Pinterest, you can set up an account and post as many pictures of your products as you want! Add a link to your eBay store in the about sections of your social media pages and be consistent about sending out tweets, posts, and pins.

Visit our eBay documentation page for step-by-step guides on registration, linking eBay account to Trimpo, and listing your products.