Digest 5-11/1

Can eBay help revive brick-and-mortar retail?
The new initiative from the e-commerce giant, Retail Revival, a nearly year-old foray into promoting small businesses and storefront retail master online sales and tap into eBay’s vast international marketplace. This program is active in Akron, Ohio; Lansing, Michigan; and Wolverhampton, England. It provides participating retailers with a suite of classes and resources, teaching eBay-selling basics, strategies to best use eBay’s platform, and tools to boost business. Read more on Curbed.

Biggest E-Commerce Irritant? Post-Purchase Problems. According to 2018 Pitney Bowes Global E-commerce Study, 61% of global consumers felt let down by their online shopping experience during the holiday period, up from 47% in 2017 and 41% in 2016. Read more on Retail TouchPoints.

A study with RetailMeNot found that deals and discounts are the number one factor most likely to influence a purchase made online. Let this list by Productsup help you prepare for the major selling opportunities in 2019. Key shopping days and ecommerce opportunities around the globe on Productsup.

E-commerce Email Marketing Course by Shopify. Enroll for free.

Best Business Apps for E-commerce: Our Top 10 Favourite Apps of 2018.
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13 Tools to Get Things Done in 2019. List of tools on Practical Ecommerce.