Customer reviews and how to get them

Customer reviews are an important part of any proper e-commerce business. Having reviews can help you establish trust and credibility with potential customers.
Reviews don’t just give your customers peace of mind, but also boost your organic search rankings. A study by Yotpo tracked nearly 30,000 online businesses over 9 months to see how their SEO traffic changed when the only common link was adding reviews to their site. What they found was that organic page visits increased by nearly 50% after adding reviews. As it turns out, customer reviews are a source of new user-generated content that is beneficial for SEO.

Having a healthy mix of reviews — good and bad — increases your authenticity as a seller. Don’t be afraid of bad reviews. A study by the Journal of Consumer Research found that negative reviews can help your business come off as more honest, genuine, and even cheerful. Make sure to respond to them because your response shows the potential buyers how you handle customer service issues. According to 2018 ReviewTrackers research, 53% of customers expect businesses to respond to negative reviews within a week.

Strive to have a majority of positive reviews and maintain a high rating (4 or 5 out of five), but keep in mind that customers become suspicious of a product that has all positive reviews.

Multiple pieces of research suggest that around 90% of consumers read online reviews before the purchase, and  40% of them form an opinion about business after reading 1-3 reviews. According to Statista 84% of consumers trust the reviews – 19% always trust them and 65% with some stipulations. In any case, these are mind-blowing numbers, proving that ensuring your business has many authentic positive customer reviews is essential.

No one likes to be harassed, and marketplaces themselves send your customers an email reminder asking to leave a review for their purchase. However, you can add a short request for reviews in your message to buyers that are sent after they made a purchased or even in about section of your store. Make sure to word it correctly, asking customers to leave a review if your product and service satisfied them. You can also add instruction on how to leave a review, customers can be not as used to the platform and know all the features. Don’t hound your customers and be careful so not to get a 1 star for your product because a customer got irritated with review requests.

Here are 2 relatively easy ways you can generate reviews:
Compelling insert
Adding an insert to an order provides a personal touch, helps you connect with the customer.
An insert should reinforce your brand message and commitment to positive customer experience. You can add instruction manual (where appropriate), and an explanation of the return process should also be provided. An insert is also a perfect way to ask for a review! Sellers who use creative supplements with their packages tend to receive positive reviews 🙂
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Look for active voices in your niche and offer to send them your product in exchange for an honest review. This can help you gain exposure in your target community, and increase the number of your reviews. You can start by looking for bloggers, Instagrammers, and YouTubers, emailing them and asking whether they’ll be willing to review your products for free or you can offer to send them your product.

Keep in mind that a lot of customers look for reviews not only at your online store or on marketplaces where they’re shopping, but search for reviews in Google or on social media. Consider asking your customers to leave reviews on your social media pages, you can provide links to them in a personal note as an insert with their purchase.

Make sure that you only ask your customers for honest reviews, don’t try to incentivize them to give you a 5-star rating with an offer of discounts. This can undermine the integrity of your business and anger your existing customers. Ultimately this will hurt your business. Make sure the reviews are unbiased and useful for future customers.

Hopefully, now you have an idea about some practical ways to increase the number of your e-commerce reviews. Remember that customer reviews aren’t merely “nice to have” things anymore. Instead, they have become an inherent part of marketing strategies for any successful e-commerce business.