Trimpo – one-click integration with CMS Ecwid and InSales

Content Management System (CMS) allows merchants to easily set up an online store and manage content, these systems usually have multiple-page layout templates, which serve as building blocks to create new content, and they reduce repetitive tasks and automate basic features. Content management systems built for e-commerce give store’s customers the best shopping experience and also make management of store easy for merchants.

Presently Trimpo offers one-click integration with merchants operating on Ecwid and InSales systems.

Ecwid is a hosted CMS that lets merchants aptly set up online store. The platform is cloud-based, merchants don’t have to worry about upgrades, SSL-certificates, security, server configuration and hosting — platform takes care of all that. More than that — Ecwid lets merchants create their own native shopping app as well as set up their store on Facebook.

Trimpo app can be added to Ecwid’s CMS, and it allows merchants to manage their store along with marketplaces’ storefronts on Trimpo’s account. With Trimpo you can make changes to your products — and updates will be made on your Ecwid store as well as your marketplaces’ storefronts.

InSales is an e-commerce platform that lets merchants set-up and manage their own online stores. It provides a complete solution for merchants with their powerful CMS along with a number of apps that can be integrated within the store, and Trimpo is one of them.

After adding Trimpo as an application to InSales store, Trimpo will automatically create an Insales store in your Trimpo profile, it will also import all products from your InSales store to Trimpo using the YML file.

Afterwards all the changes made on one of the platform will be replicated on the other.

In Trimpo, merchants can add eBay, Amazon, Yandex.Market or VK marketplaces to your InSales store. And all products and orders can be managed in one place.

After receiving an order for any of the sites, Trimpo will create an order in your InSales store. You can add, edit and remove your products with a couple of clicks and process your orders from a single and simple user interface.

We believe that that is the way to go — one-click integration with other CMS systems. Our platform is automated and interconnected, e.g if our merchant uses his own online store and also lists products on eBay and Amazon, when he changes the availability or deletes the product altogether from his store — the changes are automatically made on eBay and Amazon.

Currently we’re planning on integrating with other CMSs, in Q3–4 we will integrate Trimpo platform with Shopify and BigCommerce.