4 major benefits of selling on marketplaces

Do you want to start selling online, or maybe you already have an online store, but want to increase your sales? Considering to start selling on marketplaces, but not sure whether the commissions and number of competitors on these platforms are worth it?

We believe, that they are; and this article will recount the benefits of selling on marketplaces.

Listing on marketplaces allows you to easily reach new customers

The chief draw of selling on global marketplaces is the scale of their online presence. Currently, Amazon has over 310 million active buyers, eBay has over 175 million and Etsy – over 32 million. And these numbers continuously grow. Shoppers may not know about your store, but on marketplaces, you have an opportunity to show off your products to tens and hundreds of millions of potential customers.


Many people prefer shopping on marketplaces

A lot of shoppers prefer marketplaces over online stores – they are attracted by the variety and all-in-one aspect of these platforms. Customers keep on returning to these marketplaces, where they are already familiar with the interface, with the checkout and payment options.


Becoming part of an established online marketplace provides a level of trust between you and the customer

Marketplaces have created platforms that make the purchases 100% safe for the customers. They trust the marketplaces, and you, as a merchant, don’t have to work hard on winning customers’ trust – you just have to work on keeping it by remaining trustworthy and providing an excellent service.


You are benefitting from already existing services and structure

Established marketplaces already have checkout and fulfillment support, built-in customer service for shoppers. It’s cost-effective and helps you save time. They also provide you with support – they have merchants centers with all the info you might need to boost your sales, perfect your service and so on.


Selling on marketplaces with Trimpo is easy. After you add your products and choose trading rules, Trimpo will list your products on marketplaces of your choice. If any changes are made to availability, or you edit product info on one of the platforms – Trimpo will update the information on all marketplaces you’re using. We also have friendly and easy-to-use interface and a friendly support team. Try our platform now