Amazon and eBay categories matching, required and recommended properties for your products

We’d like to share with you Trimpo team’s first results in Machine Learning area.

We have developed services that will match categories for your products on eBay and Amazon.

In order to list a product on a marketplace, you need to specify the product’s category. Quite often it isn’t an easy task and it can take a significant amount of time. We would like to tell you about the function that will search categories on eBay and Amazon in order to receive recommended and required product specifics. In Trimpo you can now find a new section, called “Services” with 4 features

  • eBay – find a category for the product (for all eBay country sites)
  • eBay – eBay product properties
  • Amazon – find a category for the product (only for
  • Amazon – Amazon product properties

Screencast: how the service for searching categories works

One of the solutions for eBay – search for an identical or similar product and receiving of its category. Below is the screencast of this method

Why are we creating these services and how they can be beneficial for you?

We strive to simplify the task of selling your products on marketplaces, by means of determining the correct category of your products, which in turn will lead to an increase in sales.

We are also offering you services of automatic product categorization all across your product catalog. If you or your colleagues currently spend time on listing new products with your directory or guide of categories, we can automate this process for you with maximum accuracy.

If you have a regular task of product categorization –reach out to us on Facebook or send us an email marked “categorization”.