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Sell оn eBay

eBay is the world’s largest online marketplace, acting as an intermediary between the merchant and the customer. The number of eBay users is in the hundreds of millions. With Trimpo, it’s very easy and convenient to set up your own shop on eBay, fill it with your products and start selling!

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Sell оn Amazon

Amazon is another huge online platform where products are sold both from Amazon itself and also from third-party merchants. The highest quality of customer service is supported by the rules and conditions common to all merchants. Amazon is very popular among online shoppers, and many start their search there. Trimpo is the most convenient and affordable way to start your trading experience there.

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Sell оn Etsy

Etsy - one of the biggest online marketplaces, with focus on handmade, vintage and unique items. It also doubles as a social network, providing merchants with the opportunity to better connect and communicate with customers, users can also create collections of products. Etsy is not as niche as it may seem, it has very broad-ranging catalogue with both physical products and digital content. And Trimpo provides an easy way to start selling on Etsy!

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Sell On Wish

Wish is an e-commerce platform that lets merchants sell their products to millions of buyers. Wish has over 500 million users across the world, from Russia to Brazil to the United States to the far corners of the globe. Wish is the sixth largest e-commerce company in the world. After you list your products on Wish, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it before. Use Trimpo to list your products on Wish as soon as possible!

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Sell On VK

VKontakte is the largest social network in Russia with tens millions of users, actively gaining global popularity. With so many users (your potential customers) spending a considerable amount of time on social networking sites and apps - social networks are essential to any merchant’s strategy. Trimpo’s integration will help you easily list your products and start selling on VK.

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For CPC/PPC Networks

Selling via various CPC and PPC shopping networks has never been easier! Trimpo provides you with perfect solution to boost your sales - set up export from your account to multiple shopping sites, and Trimpo will take care of product data updates.

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Analyze Results With Trimpo

With Trimpo you can easily and conveniently track your sales results, and adjust the strategic steps of the business’s development. Our analysis systems are fully automated, allowing you to get the reports you need, when you need them!

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Start Selling With Trimpo Now

  • Sign up and select which sites you’d like to trade from (eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Wish, VK)
  • Link the accounts of each site to Trimpo
  • Add your products to Trimpo via Excel, XML, or manually ( more )
  • Specify the payment systems, and the rules of delivery and returns
  • Like magic, Trimpo will list your products on the selected sites!
  • Manage orders and increase your earning power!

These steps won’t take long, we promise. Just see for yourself!